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Life Lesson From A Successful Goalkeeper  


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06/09/2020 5:02 pm  

I joined a Football Club because of the passion I had for Football and Sport.


My Coach usually put me in the field as a Player which I didn't get excited about and most times, My feet do not touch the ball once before the match ends. 


This continues until after four years (4) and I decide to make a change in my Position where I was put and insist I want to become a Goalkeeper.


I was giving the opportunity and did very well in my first year and afterwards. 


Other Clubs even hire me to come keep for them. 


I have received several awards as a Goalkeeper and make good income from my passion and Career. 


Moral Lessons: Change your Position in life, career or business, if were you are is not favourable and not for you. Do not stay in the dark for too long, there is a better place for you. 


Stay Bless.!